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Student chosen for Science Olympiad leadership position

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Mundelein High School sophomore, Ciara West, has been selected for the Illinois Science Olympiad Youth Advisory Committee. The committee will help bring youth voice to state efforts, create recommendations for teams throughout the state and develop leadership and professional skills.

“Ciara was selected because she demonstrates leadership experience and skills on their Science Olympiad team, school and community,” said Joe Maxwell, one of the MHS Science Olympiad coaches.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the chance to be on the committee to help improve Illinois Science Olympiad,” West said “Our program at MHS has given me the opportunity to explore science with my friends and, as a member of the board, I’m hoping to promote and expand STEM activities in Illinois schools so that more students will have the ability to do the same.”

“Obviously we are very proud that Ciara has stepped up into the leadership position,” Maxwell said. “Mundelein High School will be well represented at the Illinois Science Olympiad Youth Advisory Committee,” he said.

Mark Michalski and Jackie Hogan also advise the group.



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