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Two MHS alumni earn top honors at U of I psychology department


Two Mundelein High School graduates were among 12 members of the Honors Program who graduated with the title “Honors in Psychology” and prepared an undergraduate Bachelor’s thesis at the University of Illinois.

“It’s amazing that our alumni are 1/6 of the honors psychology students at a top university [ranked #7 department according to US News & World Report],” said Dean Petros, MHS psychology instructor. Colin Harmony, Class of 2010 and Daniel Szoke, Class of 2013 were t

he recipients of the awards. Harmony received the Harry Triandis Award for being the outstanding undergraduate student in the fields of Social-Personality-Organizational Psychology. He presented his research on Illusory Behavior: Rumination and Mood in a Goal-Driven Task Setting. Szoke presented his research on Understanding Willingness to Intervene in Sexual Violence.

The awards were presented by Dan Simons, one of the most influential cognitive scientists in the world.

“I emphasize Simons’ work from Illinois, Cornell and Harvard all the time in my classes,” Petros said.

Colin Harmony
Daniel Szoke
Daniel Szoke

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