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Yearbook Pick Up

Yearbook Pick Up

MHS students - mark your calendar for yearbook pick-up this summer. Pickup for the 2021-22 yearbook will occur through the school bookstore this year starting Thursday, August 4. The school bookstore hours run Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., but the store is closed for lunch from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Orders can be picked up by the student or by a family member. Having student IDs at time of pick-up is strongly recommended.

*Note there is a little more time to place a 2021-22 yearbook order through  Please be careful, though, about accidentally placing duplicate orders as the school cannot refund those duplicate orders.

For more information regarding yearbook distribution policies, please see below:

Yearbook distribution policy: 

  1. Please present a photo ID at time of pick up.  A yearbook may not be distributed without one.
  2. Please check your yearbook for any damages before signing off on receipt of it.  If damages are noticed at time of pick up and enough yearbooks remain, the yearbook can be replaced.  Otherwise, there is no guarantee that damaged yearbooks can be exchanged. 
  3. Upon receiving a yearbook, please initial next to your name on the distribution list that you received your purchased copy.  
  4. Yearbooks will only be distributed to the student whose name appears on the distribution list, the parent or a sibling.
  5. If your name does not appear on the distribution list, a yearbook will not be distributed without proof of purchase.  
  6. If you believe you have purchased a yearbook but are not on the distribution list, please produce one of the following as proof of purchase: A school registration receipt, an MHS bookstore receipt, a receipt from Jostens (the publication company)
  7. If there is no proof of purchase, a yearbook may be purchased for the at-the-door price.
  8. If there is no proof of purchase and one is purchased at the door instead but proof of purchase is later found, please present this proof of purchase to the MHS school bookstore and a refund can be issued.
  9. If a yearbook was not pre-ordered, one may be purchased for the at-the-door price.  A list of who purchased these will be kept for bookkeeping purposes.
  10. The school orders a limited number of non-pre-ordered yearbooks.  Therefore, these are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved.  Once sold out, no more yearbooks will be available for purchase.
  11. If yearbooks are not picked up or purchased at distribution, they may be acquired at the MHS school bookstore.
  12. Yearbooks will be held for pick up until the next year’s distribution.  If they are not picked up by then, these yearbooks become school property, and the school cannot guarantee that your yearbook will still be available.
  13. If you purchased an extra yearbook by accident, a refund will not be available.  Consider selling the yearbook to a classmate who did not yet purchase one.

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