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2021-2022 Parking Permit Lottery


2021-2022 Parking Permit Lottery Information

2021-2022 Full Year and First Semester parking permit lottery will be accepting applications Monday, April 19, at 8:00 am to Friday, May 07, at 2:00 pm 
*The 2021-2022 MHS on-line parking lottery sign up will be open for 19 continuous days, sign up anytime between the dates listed.
2020-2021 Parking Permit Options
The following types of parking permits are available and are nonrefundable:
  • Full-year permits $200.00
  • 1st semester-only permits $120.00
  • 2nd semester-only permits $120.00
*Students are encouraged to apply for a FULL-YEAR parking permit if they are planning on parking on campus the entire year. All 1st semester-only permits will go back into the lottery at the end of the first semester. Students with first semester-only parking permits that want to park on campus for second semester are required to enter the lottery for second semester permits. There is no guarantee that a second semester-only permit will be available. The second semester lottery takes place the week before the first semester is over. 
In order to be eligible to obtain a parking permit, students must:
  • Incoming senior or junior – No incoming sophomores will be accepted
  • Good standing with all outstanding fees paid and limited parking violations while a student at MHS have a valid driver’s license*
  • Proof of insurance and current registration
  • Have a vehicle
*Students who are anticipating receiving their Driver’s License after the registration due date may still register for the lottery. If selected, a permit will he held until the student obtains a Driver’s License.

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