The Why

The Why

We ASPIRE to engage our students with great learning environments and be able to attract and retain exceptional staff… Our facilities represent a significant gap.
I.     We do not have enough of the right kind of space
  • We have limitations in space for academics, activities and athletics, leading to sub-optimized scheduling and long days/off hours for facility use.
  • We have limited food service/cafeteria space leading to too many lunch periods, extending from 10:15 a.m. to 1:40 p.m.

II.     Some of our facilities spaces are not equipped for modern high school needs

  • Our original 1961 kitchen is outdated.
  • Our auditorium and gymnasiums do not meet current ADA accessibility requirements.
  • Our athletic spaces are outdated and not flexible in ways needed to be used for multiple purposes.

Project Needs Overview 

  • Mundelein High School was constructed in 1958. School construction has a 50- to 75-year life span.
  • The current auditorium, main gym and cafeteria are original construction elements. MHS has outgrown these elements.

- In 1960 there were two girls sports and 10 boys sports available to students. Currently MHS offers 16 girls sports and 15 boys sports.

- Due to space limitations, athletic practices regularly continue late into the evenings.

- Curriculum, programs and co-curricular offerings including performing and fine arts, athletics, clubs and activities evolved significantly since 1958.

- Due to space and design limitations, four lunch periods are needed.

- The original 1961 kitchen is outdated.

- The auditorium and gymnasiums do not meet current ADA accessibility requirements.

- Enrollment increased from 1,500 to 2,206.

  • There have been four significant additions to the original building:

- North Gym (multi-purpose room) - 1988

- Natatorium (swimming pool) - 1991

- ‘A’ Wing Addition - 1997

- Science Lab and Classrooms addition - 2016