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  • MHS is operating well beyond its capacity. The building was designed to house 1,500 students, but current enrollment is 2,200.


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  • The hallways, cafeteria and food servery are all original to the building and too small to meet current needs. At lunchtime, long lines create a backlog of students into the hallways, which are already packed with students moving between classes.



  • Much of the high school’s original infrastructure, which is still in use, has reached the end of its useful life. In the last year alone, two water main breaks forced the school to close. The image shown here shows the coil for Air Handler Unit 3 that serves the building’s A wing. The coil ruptured in February 2023, sending water from the second floor mechanical room into four classrooms below, putting these rooms out of service for two days while repairs were made and rooms were cleaned.



  • The high school’s auditorium stage is not big enough to comfortably hold the entire band or choir. The rigging system is also outmoded and a small scene shop doubles as a storage room, creating unsafe conditions backstage.

Career and Technical Education


  • Current space is too small to house the equipment needed for skilled trades training and other CTE classes.

Band and Music Classrooms

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  • The MHS Marching Band often uses the auditorium floor to practice, or even to dress for performances due to the lack of space at the school

Health and Wellness


  • Health and wellness offerings are scattered throughout the high school. Space, other than existing classrooms, is needed for these important student services.

Multi-purpose Center (Fieldhouse)

Robotics Options_2

  • MHS has plans to build a fieldhouse similar to the one pictured here. It would be a multi-purpose room used for sporting events, PE classes, marching band practice, the science olympiad, robotics tournaments and more. 

Competitive Gymnasium


  • The 62-year-old competition gym is not large enough to seat the entire student body, has ADA accessibility issues and is not air-conditioned.