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MUNDELEIN – Recognizing the profound impact of untreated mental health conditions, District 75 and 120 are taking a pioneering step by collaborating with ReferralGPS, a socially-driven organization dedicated to breaking down barriers to mental health care. This partnership extends access to ReferralGPS Care Navigator services to families and staff within the school district, completely free of charge.

The alliance with ReferralGPS reinforces the District’s unwavering commitment to ensuring accessible mental health care. This endeavor exemplifies the district's steadfast resolve to foster a resilient community where all individuals have equal opportunities to flourish.

“We understand that mental well-being is a cornerstone of overall health. Yet, numerous individuals continue to face significant obstacles in obtaining necessary mental health services. This collaboration with ReferralGPS is a significant victory for our faculty, staff, and students. We take pride in offering our District families a service that simplifies navigation within the complex and fragmented mental health care landscape,” stated Dr. Kevin Myers, Superintendent.

Functioning as a central hub of care, ReferralGPS streamlines communication and coordination to match individuals with the right resources and appropriate level of support.

“School counselors play a crucial role as liaisons between homes, communities, and educational resources. This partnership equips them with additional tools, enhancing their ability to offer even more effective support to students and their families, thereby nurturing both emotional and academic growth,” expressed Jamie DiCarlo, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.

Through a people-centered approach supported by technology, ReferralGPS Care Navigators, proficient in multiple languages, act as guides through the intricate mental health care system on behalf of individuals. They assist in finding the perfect fit for unique needs and insurance requirements.

"ReferralGPS is honored to stand with both of these Districts in prioritizing the well-being of its students, staff, and community. We are here to serve as a conduit to mental health support, offering an empathetic and compassionate framework to help individuals regain control of their lives."

For more information on utilizing ReferralGPS services, families within the school districts can visit either https://referralgps.com/find-help/D75, https://referralgps.com/find-help/d120, or reach out to the student services department.