Anticipated Benefits

Anticipated Benefits

A plan for future improvements to Mundelein High School starts with the District 120 long-range facilities plan. This is not a blueprint for renovation, but a flexible plan shaped by the Board of Education and district administrators and based on school needs and priorities. These high-priority improvements will provide many benefits to the school. The anticipated benefits include:

facility_lifeExtending the useful life of existing facilities


energy_efficiencyImproving building performance, including energy efficiency


health_wellness_safetyEnhancing health, wellness, and safety


repairsReducing costly and disruptive emergency repairs


adaEnhancing ADA accessibility for student, staff, and visitors


overcrowdingAddressing overcrowding issues and scheduling conflicts


hands_on_learningStrengthening hands-on learning and collaboration


expand_cteExpanding and enhancing Career & Technical Education programming


quality_teachersAttracting and retaining quality teachers and staff


propoerty_valuesProtecting property values