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This is an exciting time for eighth grade students, transfer students and parents as you prepare for the transition from your current school to MHS. We understand that this new beginning can be fun and stressful at the same time. This section of the website will help take away any of the stress and leave just the fun. By making this section of the website your new “Home,” you will be able to have many of your initial questions answered and learn about the many ways that students new to MHS can soon learn to feel “at home” here. The booklet below, in both English and Spanish, will provide an initial overview of the rights and responsibilities of MHS students along with information about clubs, activities, and sports that you are encouraged to consider.


Mundelein High School New Students brochure 

English(Opens in a new window) / Español

Meet the Mustangs

Meet the Mustangs is cancelled due to weather.  We are rescheduling for a virtual showing at 6 pm on Monday, October 26.

Class of 2025 Night: January 21, 2021

Goal: Introduce 8th grade families to culture, curriculum and activities. Select and submit 9th grade courses before leaving.

  • Learn about academic opportunities available
  • Learn about extracurricular opportunities available
  • Find out more about your core academic placements
  • Select your elective courses 
  • Learn about all the extracurricular opportunities MHS has to offer by visiting the activities fair and talking with current MHS students
  • Have questions answered related to your MHS experience

9th Grade Course Selection Process

Review the following links to become familiar with the course selection process for your incoming 9th grade student.  Additional links are also provided for future plannning.



Information regarding registration is below. If you have any questions about enrolling your child into Mundelein High School, please call Patty DeLozier at (847) 949-2700, ext. 2014, or fax (847) 949-2727.

Additional information regarding free/reduced lunch service and free/reduced fees is available below as well.


Nurse's Office and Health Services

The Nurse’s Office of Mundelein High School is staffed with two full-time Registered Professional Nurses. A certified Nurse also addresses the health needs of the students receiving special education services.

Mundelein High School is dedicated to academic excellence for all learners through the core values of equity, growth, and collaboration.
Our vision at Mundelein High School is to create a nationally recognized high school that provides multiple opportunities for all our diverse learners to visualize their potential futures and for each to realize a pathway to continued learning, productive citizenship, and personal success.
MHS Highlights
  • 76% of AP Students receive college credit
  • 84% of graduating seniors attend a 2 or 4 year university
  • Accepted over 3 million scholarships in 2018 


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