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MHS Facilities Plan

MHS Facilities Plan

The District 120 Board of Education will ask voters in April for a tax increase to renovate and expand Mundelein High School facilities. Built in 1959 and opened for the 1961-62 school year, the current building is limited in space for academics, activities and athletics, and food service. The Board’s priorities are to expand athletic facilities, showcase performing arts venues, and modernize food service areas.

Board members, staff and administrators have long been considering these needs. The Board adopted a revised Long-term Facilities Plan on Nov. 1 and reaffirmed its commitment to that plan on Dec. 6. In order to fund the improvements, the Board is seeking $175 million in construction bonds and has placed a building referendum question on the April 4 ballot to approve the funding. Such a measure would mean an annual property tax increase. The increase would be phased-in during the first three years so that the owner of a $300,000 house would pay an additional $320 for the first year, about $550 more in the second year and about $690 more in the third and subsequent years.

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The Why?

We ASPIRE to engage our students with great learning environments and be able to attract and retain exceptional staff… Our facilities represent a significant gap.
I.     We do not have enough of the right kind of space
  • We have limitations in space for academics, activities and athletics, leading to sub-optimized scheduling and long days/off hours for facility use.
  • We have limited food service/cafeteria space leading to too many lunch periods, extending from 10:15 a.m. to 1:40 p.m.

II.     Some of our facilities spaces are not equipped for modern high school needs

  • Our original 1961 kitchen is outdated.
  • Our auditorium and gymnasiums do not meet current ADA accessibility requirements.
  • Our athletic spaces are outdated and not flexible in ways needed to be used for multiple purposes.

Project Needs Overview 

  • Mundelein High School was constructed in 1958. School construction has a 50- to 75-year life span.
  • The current auditorium, main gym and cafeteria are original construction elements. MHS has outgrown these elements.

- In 1960 there were two girls sports and 10 boys sports available to students. Currently MHS offers 16 girls sports and 15 boys sports.

- Due to space limitations, athletic practices regularly continue late into the evenings.

- Curriculum, programs and co-curricular offerings including performing and fine arts, athletics, clubs and activities evolved significantly since 1958.

- Due to space and design limitations, four lunch periods are needed.

- The original 1961 kitchen is outdated.

- The auditorium and gymnasiums do not meet current ADA accessibility requirements.

- Enrollment increased from 1,500 to 2,206.

  • There have been four significant additions to the original building:

- North Gym (multi-purpose room) - 1988

- Natatorium (swimming pool) - 1991

- ‘A’ Wing Addition - 1997

- Science Lab and Classrooms addition - 2016